Come on, you Boys in Blue!

Hi folks! Just a quick note to apologize for a lack of updates this week. Just too darn busy (plus a little dental work to brighten things a bit).

Last weekend was obviously a disappointment for the Eleven — and a good achievement for the Cosmos, as they went to Tampa and won 3-0 over the Rowdies. With New York in second place on 12 points, and with a league-best +7 goal differential, they’re the clear favorites in their home match with the Eleven. Still, soccer’s a funny sport, and Indy has played well enough (at times) to get a win over anyone.

I also had this thought this morning: building a soccer club is a funny thing. What I absolutely love to see is that the BYB — and the rest of the fans — are still engaged and still care about how the team does. It’d be understandable if they didn’t, but they do care. And that will build a better foundation for the team in the long-term, and when they do well… it’s going to be feel that much sweeter. Caring about the team through the lean times really gives us twice as much joy when they do well.

Maybe that starts today. Come on you Eleven! Let’s get that first win!

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