What a night!

Indy Eleven 1 – 1 Carolina Railhawks.

I’ll say more tomorrow. But for now:

Thanks to the Ersal Ozdemir for launching the team, it’s been wonderful.

Thanks to the Indy Eleven staff for putting together a great team and a wonderful experience. You’ve done amazing things.

Thanks to the team for a passionate and gritty performance. You have so much potential for greatness!

Thanks to Brickyard Battallion and all the supporters’ groups for your tireless energy and organization. You guys and gals were tremendous.

And thanks to all the fans, casual and fanatic alike.  Everyone was into the game, tracking it closely from the first minute to the last, and it was an exciting experience the whole time.

I’m proud of my city and my team. What a beautiful night.

The sun sets over Carroll Stadium as the Indy Eleven and Carolina RailHawks battle in front of a sold-out crowd.

Let’s do it again next week!

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