Indy Eleven!

We have a team name – and that means I have a blog! Indy Eleven, named in part after the 11th Indiana Volunteers, raised by Lew Wallace in Indianapolis on April 25, 1861. Of course it also ties to the XI players on a team too, which establishes the soccer connection.

Indy Eleven Crest

My quick first reaction? I love the crest and the colors – I think more than any other sport, you have to tie a soccer team to the identity of the city. The crest does that well, and in particular I love the use of the Victory statue from the Soldiers and Sailors monument.

I’m not quite as certain about the team name, but I suspect that it’ll grow on me and develop a durability that we’ll appreciate. It’s definitely not a trendy, throwaway name (Columbus Crew?), and it’s not a forced, disconnected Euro reference (like Real Salt Lake, for example). It’s not really traditional though. I think it might look a bit better as “Indy XI” which is a more traditional way to write it, at least for English (British) conversation. I’ll go with a conditional thumbs-up, for now.

And the blog name? I’ve been planning to blog about the team — and NASL in general — but I wanted to wait until we had a team name. I didn’t think about “Eleven Bricks” all that much, but I like tying it to Brickyard and giving it a bit of unique flavor. I’ll wear it for a while and see if it fits. But for now – welcome!

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